We offer a full and comprehensive range of training courses.

Occupational Health and Safety Training

In today’s tough economic climate, many areas of a company’s or an individual’s budget are squeezed, with cutbacks meaning funding for various items are cut back or eliminated completely.

One of the areas in which spending is often reduced is the budget available for health and safety courses. It is either sacrificed completely, or potential buyers will place so much emphasis on finding the cheapest price that they do not look into other aspects, such as if the safety training provider is actually accredited by the relevant awarding body to offer their particular qualifications. Also overlooked is the quality of the course, the material and the knowledge of the facilitator and company offering that course.

Even if the training provider is accredited, there may still be reasons as to why they are offering safety courses at a low price. A cheaper course selling price may be achieved by drastically cutting back on expenses such as the provision and or quality of course study books, handouts and other materials. All of this will lead to a poorer learning experience and make it less likely that course attendees will retain enough knowledge to positively influence your business.

Along with being a legal requirement, health and safety are important for reducing lost working days with staff being absent through sickness or injury, not to mention reducing the chances of expensive legal action if you are sued or face criminal charges because of inadequate safety provisions. Work stoppages due to incidents and the resulting time lost on incident investigations, also impact the bottom line performance of your business and effective, quality-based training courses with an emphasis on the end result, not on cost, saves companies huge amounts of money over an extended period.

So not only should spending be maintained as far as possible, but it is also worth avoiding the temptation to find the cheapest training and go with that based solely on price, as a little extra spending may give you a much better return in the future.

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GSRC management is an accredited training provider with the MER SETA as well as the TETA SETA. This means that you can use our training courses with the peace of mind that we have been and are continually audited and screened to ensure that our quality of training is to the highest standard.

We see that as the bare minimum requirement for our clients. Beyond this, we ensure that our OH&S Training courses are dynamic, and interactive and opportunities for skills and knowledge to be transferred to your employees. This means that our training courses are exciting, where an atmosphere of learning is created. Because we create our courses to be practically applied, we have individual and group practical exercises that keep people motivated and listening.

We customize the course content to our client’s own operations and procedures etc. This means that your employees are trained on YOUR requirements, not some general knowledge unit standard based requirements that mean nothing in YOUR workplace. Our facilitators talk from experience as they are experienced Safety officers who can unpack the course contents to ensure that everybody understands the concepts discussed.

From induction training, and basic awareness training, to fire fighting and first aid. From Safety Officer Courses through to Incident and Accident investigations and Internal Auditing, as well as ISO Systems Awareness and Systems Implementation courses, we offer it all, at a cost-effective price that adds value to your business.

Here are some training on offer

Employee Training

Training can produce positive results when based on clearly defined needs specific to the workplace, and delivered with an understanding of those needs and the way in which people learn. This is, of course, true for safety and health training as well. The principles of safety and health training are no different from those which apply to any form of industrial training. Indeed, a good case can be made for the integration of skill training along with safety training (wherever) possible. Safety and health training that fails to produce positive results because it is not based on sound analysis is, at best, a waste of time and money, and at worst, such training may result in false confidence, thus increasing the risk of accidents.

GSRC Management provides planned programs designed to improve performances at the individual, group and/or organisational levels. An improved performance, in return, implies that there have been measurable changes in knowledge, skills, attitudes, and/or behaviour.

At GSRC: education, training and development activities address three primary aspects of learning:

  • Attitude
  • Knowledge
  • Skills

By using our innovative training approach your organization will:

  • Enjoy cost-effective and supportive training.
  • Reduce required, off-site training time by up to 80%.
  • Increase productivity and reduce losses.
  • Empower Employees and initiate accountability/responsibility awareness.
  • Enjoy customized training programs and feedback.
  • In the climate of increasing competition and cost control, there is simply no room for people who cannot have a significant impact on an organisation’s productivity and profitability.
  • Employees must get to know the basics of cost, quality, profits, losses and customer satisfaction by being exposed to more than a narrowly defined job. Therefore we integrate these aspects into one program, which can be adjusted to the level of training.

Most training is done in this manner. This creates an environment for customized discussions and effective return on investment. The advantages of onsite training include:

  • Cost-effective.
  • Not exposing employees to travelling risks.
  • Easy to monitor.
  • Customised Discussion.
  • System & behaviour evaluation from GSRC.

This type of training takes place at several venues countrywide. In these training courses, learners from several types of industries and backgrounds attend a central venue for the course. GSRC supply’s all refreshments and lunches. The learners are only responsible for their own travelling and accommodation requirements.

Schedules/year planners/seminar dates and news are forwarded to registered clients and individuals on a regular basis.

A feedback report on class performance and individual performance is forwarded to the client on all courses with a duration of more than one day. This allows the client to identify areas of improvement and focused budget allocations for training needs.


If you don’t have a limitless safety budget, cost-effective training is essential.

Before creating and writing down your training plan, you should carefully analyze the various aspects of safety and personnel needs in your organisation. This analysis will help in underscoring the special needs of your training, which in turn will determine your training contents and match it more closely to your training objectives. Careful identification and analysis of your needs, therefore, is crucial to your success in developing reliable training objectives and contents.

Our needs analysis focuses on:

  • Legislative requirements – to comply
  • Budget restraints/prioritizing
  • Risk management principles

Several of our courses are available for in-house training (Terms and conditions apply). This means that the client can purchase a training license and facilitate the course with their own resources. GSRC Management provides manuals and certificates for this training. Although cost-effective, the facilitator must have experience in the field and GSRC Management must issue a license.