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Here are some products on offer

Keep up to date with the law and newly gazetted laws by subscribing to our law library. Whenever there are any updates gazetted, you will be sent them automatically, to ensure that you are kept up to date with developments as and when they happen. This service can be applied to the Mines Health and Safety Act and the Compensation for Injuries and Diseases Act too.

This handy pack is designed for those people who need to conduct daily safety meetings or toolbox talks with their personnel, or for the SHE Practitioner who wants to streamline and improve the efficiency of this important, often underutilised, tool in industry and the mines.

This pack can be purchased in a generic format or as a fully customised pack of topics that cover all aspects of your business, so ensuring that it is pertinent to you and your industry. The pack will then include fifty-two topics that can be discussed on a weekly basis with the teams on the ground so providing the employees with the required information that is stipulated in the law. Furthermore, it will include a simple test in order to ensure that all personnel are aware of the pertinent points as discussed, so ensuring that the process adds value to your business and does not just serve the purpose of complying with legislation.

  • COID Act Booklets
  • Fully Integrated SHEQ Software System
  • Inspection Registers
  • Legal Registers
  • MHS Act And Regulations Booklet
  • PPE
  • Safety Equipment
  • Applicable Legal Posters