GSRC Corona Virus Services

GSRC offer both online and in-person training by experienced consultants

Covid 19 Risk Assessment

All workplaces must be assessed for potential exposure to any hazardous biological agents that could be expected therein. COVID 19 is one such pathogen and as such, every workplace needs to comply with the requirements of the Hazardous Biological Agents Regulations.

Our experienced consultants can assist with this process by conducting risk assessments on your premises as well as identifying best practices and safety procedures to be followed during exposure to the virus.

Covid 19 Training

GSRC offer comprehensive training for all staff in preparation for returning to work with the easing of the Lockdown.

All staff must be trained on the dangers of the COVID 19 pathogen and on all control measures that need to be taken to ensure the health of your staff, clients, visitors and contractors.

We can provide the training online or in person.