Courses Descriptions

A two-day full course for new SHE Reps. Our course goes beyond the normal legal requirements but goes further to include the daily functions of a SHE Rep and what S/He should be doing in order to add value to your business. Let your Safety Reps become a dynamic part of your SHEQ system through our development course.
Refresher training is also available.

Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment is the foundation of your SHEQ system. Why then do some many organisations not know what a simple hazard and risk is? Many have never even heard of the definitions of a hazard or risk. If you cannot get this right, you cannot get the rest of your SHEQ system functioning correctly. Let us help you align your workforce so that they can contribute to the effectiveness of your SHEQ system.

A ten-day course that equips candidates with all of the tools and equipment for them to be able to effectively maintain a SHEQ system in the industrial or construction industry. From developing SHE files through to developing SWP’s/SOPs, emergency plans and ensuring legal compliance, our ten-day Safety Officer course is NQF level 5 and is accredited with 8 credits through the MER SETA.

Understand the theory of fires and then practice it in the real world simulation of firefighting. Our successful candidates all undertake the practical exercises to prove understanding of the theoretical component and capability of the candidates to actually be able to fight the fire.

Our first aid course ensures that successful candidates have all completed the practical exercises involved in the two to three-day training program. Equip your first aid appointees with the right tools so that they can be of assistance to you and your company.

Sometimes, things happen and incidents take place. But in order to effectively determine what caused the incident to take place, we need to conduct a detailed and holistic investigation. Our three-day Incident Investigation course includes the theory of the three phases of an incident, how to go about isolating the incident scene, collecting evidence, conducting witness interviews and includes many tools to analyse your evidence once gathered, including root cause analysis. We also train candidates on writing professional reports ready for dissemination to management. But overall, we develop investigators so that they let the evidence guide them and use the correct tools to analyse that evidence.

Process auditing or checklist auditing? How can I use the auditing function to improve the bottom-line performance of the business? What should be audited? What audit protocol do I use? Who should audit? What is a process audit? Which is the better tool?

These are some of the questions our Internal Auditors course provides answers to, as well as many more. Make sure your auditing function adds value to your business and enrol for our cost-effective three days Internal Auditors course.

In the process of implementing ISO systems and don’t know where to begin? An old hand that knows all about these systems? Either way, we can help you to get up to speed and enhance your skillset so that you can continue to impress your superiors by improving efficiencies and adding value to the bottom line performance of your organisation. From awareness courses through to full system development and implementation, as well as auditing, we have an excellent track record in developing personnel so that they can take these standards to their true potential.

Inductions are boring and a waste of time, right? Not at GSRC Management. We developed exciting, interactive safety inductions in order for our clients to not only ensure that all visitors and contractors know what to expect on your premises, but we also use our experience in managing SHEQ systems to screen contractors and provide feedback to our clients on issues identified on their premises. Ensure that your induction program is not merely a paper exercise – give us a call to experience true safety inductions.