Letter from the CEO

Today’s choices depict tomorrow’s successes.

Our motto says it all: Professionalism Drives Us, Ethics Guides Us and Integrity Defines Us.

We are, after all, professionals in the field of Occupational Health and Safety and as such, we strive to always be professional in our demeanour, services and facilitation that we provide our clients. From our dress to our reports to our socializing, professionalism is what drives us.

Ethics is about doing the right thing at the right time for sustainable development and growth. This means that short term gains at the expense of somebody or something is not acceptable behaviour for us at GSRC. Right and wrong are manifest in all of us but we aim to always ensure that we do right, at all times.

We didn’t invent H&S risk management – we perfected it.

Integrity means that we do what we say we will do. And at GSRC, we do not just pay lip service to our creed, we live it. From charitable donations to youth development sponsorship and beyond into the business world, we live our words. We can be relied on to perform to exceed our client’s expectations and ensure that we remain a trusted source of information and excellent service.

So at GSRC, we believe in providing the best at the lowest possible price and this has proven to be our hallmark. We also know that safety is not generic and that customization is the only way to train people in health and safety risk management which is what makes our training programs add value to our client’s bottom-line performance.

And bottom-line performance is what drives the economy and ensures sustainable development for us, our employees, South Africa and Africa as a whole. Safety cannot be seen as a paper exercise and should not be seen as a disciplinary tool. Companies that have implemented dynamic safety systems can prove the worth of that system time and again over the years. If something in your business is not improving your bottom line, then shouldn’t you remove it? And if your risk management system is not adding value, then you seriously need to reconsider how you are managing health and safety risks in your organisation and give GSRC a call.

Some of our core beliefs are:

  • Minimising the cost of risk management.
  • Empowering employers and employees.
  • Ensuring business resources are conserved.
  • Enhancing our client’s image in the community.
Our goal is to provide affordable services with unique content that can be used to minimize losses and maximise profit as well as stakeholder satisfaction.