ABC Safety Induction

Induction is the real starting point of your SHEQ System and is a way of aligning all role players in your business to your system and methods of managing SHEQ. It is also a way of screening people before they enter your premises.

With that in mind, we at GSRC Management undertook research from across the globe to investigate the best way of managing this most critical component of SHEQ training. We also understood that there are many negative connotations attached to Induction training and that people see it as a waste of time and money. We wanted to change this mindset and ensure that we offered our clients the very best the world had to offer.

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Our research showed many problem areas with traditional induction programs, some of which included:
  • Too many induction programs were boring and initiated in a traditional, power-point driven exercise with facilitators that had no passion for their subject.
  • Programs were undertaken in classroom format with no indication of the locations where the people would actually be conducting their work.
  • Examples were abstract and had little or no meaning to participants. Also, the facilitators could not use multiple examples to get the message across.
  • Facilitators were not from a SHEQ background and had no in depth subject knowledge or experience.
  • Facilitators read off the screen and could not divulge further information to the participants.
  • Training was boring and people paid little attention to it and did not participate in the classroom.
  • People learnt nothing new.
  • Because the facilitators were not passionate about their topic, the facilitator was not dynamic.
  • Classes were time based and not learning based.
  • Many topics were included that had no bearing on ensuring the people health or safety.
  • Video inductions were next to useless.

These were just some of our findings from around the world and this drove our development of the Adherence, Behaviour and Caution SHEQ Induction Program.

The program is dynamic, interesting, up to date and adapted to the client’s site and requirements, using examples and experience from their actual activities and plants or sites. There are activities in the classroom that are used as training exercises and which excite and make people take part. There are competitions held. Facilitators have experienced SHEQ personnel with a passion for the topic and are experienced enough to be able to use lively examples to get the point across. We also introduced online e-Learning for inductions for personnel with access to the internet and computers or smartphones.

These are just some of the initiatives that we have developed in order to take SHEQ Inductions into the future. Give us a call to find out how we can take your induction program to the next level.


Let GSRC Management Safety Inductions work for YOU
  • Policy
  • Standards
  • Procedures
  • Legislation
  • Quality, Environment, Health and Safety & Risk will be addressed
  • Assessing own risks
  • Developing procedures
  • Values
  • Attitude
  • Observations and Actions
  • Substandard behaviour vs Conditions
  • Feedback
  • Electricity
  • Hazardous Chemical Substances
  • Slip / trip / falls
  • Moving Equipment & Machinery
  • Confined Spaces
  • Working at Heights
  • Transport safety (rails / trucks / vehicles)
  • Lifting Safety
  • Health
  • HIV
  • Hazard / Events and Risks
  • Tools & equipment